We are a local, WBE, professional cleaning company, traveling around the Midwest . We specialize in commercial construction cleaning as well as extreme cleaning for home and business owners. Give us a call today and see what a difference we can make for you. Let's Get Cleaned Up!.

All American Construction Contractors is a versatile company with a wide range of services. Highly experienced in our professional cleaning service, we offer several solutions to various common problems on construction sites in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Our laborer service is experienced and knowledgable in construction making it very convenient for contractors to get the grunt work completed and done the right way. Our main focus is quality work and complete customer satisfaction. 

We also work with business and home owners. Grand opening cleans, deep cleans for homes and businesses are other options we are passionate about. 

Extreme cleaning

DEEP cleaning for home and business owners. Restaurant and Gas Sations benefit greatly. 


Specialize in large commercial and multi-family home projects.

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